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Reaching beyond the glass ceiling

From Japan to the Maldives: the Need to Empower Women

Halfway through fourth grade, I opened my report card and saw that my teacher had given me a C for ‘behavior’.

Understandably, it shocked my parents. I had always gotten top grades in class. I was taken aback too. It was when I got the same grade the following semester, and read my teacher’s remarks, that the truth dawned on me. My teacher had written: Shoko is finally improving her selection of words, and has started to behave more like a gentle girl.

I think among other things, I had upset the teacher by climbing trees with the boys during PE class.  I was also quite independent-minded and expressed my views in maybe not-so-polite terms. My parents were quite happy when, with a new teacher for the next two years, I went back to getting A grades for good behaviour.

Time passed. It was my first day at my very first job. My boss asked me if I would continue working even after I got married.  I said I would. I knew that he would not have asked the same question of a new male colleague.

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