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Raudha’s Death: Maldives embassy seeks info on investigation

The Maldives has sought information from Bangladesh on the investigation into the death of the Maldivian model and medical student Raudha Athif who met an unnatural death in Rajshahi in 2017.

Police Bureau of Investigation, which is currently investigating into the death, received a letter from embassy of the Republic of Maldives in Dhaka yesterday that sought reports of her post-mortem, viscera and findings of the investigation.

“We asked our Rajshahi office to send the information urgently,” PBI’s chief and Deputy Inspector General of police Banaj Kumar Majumder told The Daily Star.

He said they received the letter through the ministries of foreign affairs, home and the Interpol desk at police headquarters.

When contacted, Additional SP Abul Kalam Azad of Rajshahi PBI said, they received the letter and were preparing for sending the information.

He said they have completed the investigation and are about to submit a final report to a Rajshahi court explaining that Raudha Athif died of suicide.

PBI has investigated into death for the fifth time.

Raudha was a second-year student at Islami Bank Medical College in Rajshahi. On March 29, 2017, she was found dead at her college dormitory room.

Since her death, the local Shah Makhdum Police Station, Detective Branch, Criminal Investigation Department carried out an investigation and came up with a report of suicide.

Raudha’s father Mohammad Athif, a physician and now a politician in the Maldives, rejected all local and Maldivian police findings and claimed that she was murdered. Following his appeal, a Rajshahi court in December 2017 had asked PBI to investigate into the case.

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