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Rathafandhoo electricity issue still not solved

Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll Rathafandhoo Island Council has said that the island’s electricity problem has gone on for a long time and now there are multiple electrical blackouts every day.

President of the Rathafandhoo Island Council, Hunaif Aslam told Sun Media today that the electrical issue has gone on for over a month and the people of the island are facing many difficulties with 10-12 blackouts daily.

He said that the basic services that need to be provided to the people are being obstructed due to the electricity issue and there is no sign of a viable solution.

Council President, Aslam said that they have had two separate blackouts this morning and twice last night.

Sources have told Sun Media that the Rathafandhoo electricity problem came up after the 160-kilowatt generator used at the island broke down.

There has been no official word from Fenaka Corp. regarding the matter.

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