Rape culture in the Maldives

Road: Hulhumale

I wonder sometimes if humans are unable to feel sympathetic to a person who has been sexually assaulted. Rather than shift the blame on the accused, the victim is criticised and put to shame by the general public. This is what mainly happens in the small utopian country called the Maldives, where the rapist is applauded for doing the dirt or sometimes not and often walks away without any justice to the victim and the victim is shamed because she didn’t wear proper clothes.

As you may all have heard, a few days ago a 19-year-old Maldivian woman was gang raped in Hulhumale’. A pedestrian in the BBQ area found her with no clothes on and when the person asked what had happened to her, she said that she was gang raped.

After this news broke out, every body had their own opinions. This is the Maldives, the land that runs on rampant ignorance so I wasn’t even surprised by what they had to say. Victim blaming, getting to the conclusion when someone gets raped they do that for attention and then is met with harsh criticism and disbelief. There is more sympathy towards the rapist than the victim and that is a flaw in our people and the society as a whole.

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