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Ramadan allowance would issued on the 8th of April: Finance Ministry

Finance Ministry says all state offices would issue Ramadan allowance to its employees on the 8th of April.

In a circular, the Ministry said under the Employment Act, an amount of MVR 3000 should be given to each Muslim employee as the Ramadan allowance for the year.

Finance Ministry also said for those employees currently carrying out more than one state-appointed duty should receive the allowance from his/her original employer.

The Ministry said employees on no-pay leave should be exempted from receiving the allowance and that if such an employee joins the office after the leave during the month of Ramadan, he/she show be given the allowance from that day on till the end of the holy month.

The Ministry also said that employees who quit their jobs before one-third of Ramadan are complete should return the allowance after deducting for the days the employee had worked.

It said that new employees who are given their jobs during the holy month should also be issued the allowance and that it should be given to them within 7 days after the beginning of their employment.

The Ministry had instructed state offices to prepare their allowance sheets starting today and to submit the sheets to the Ministry.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: The Press

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