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Qasim: No place for anyone who disrespects Islam in Maldives

There’s no place for anyone who disrespects or harasses the religion if Islam in the Maldives, says Leader of Jumhoory Party and Speaker of Parliament, Qasim Ibrahim.

Speaking during a function held at JP headquarters last Monday, Qasim said no one who harasses Allah or Prophet Mohamed will be allowed to live in the Maldives.

“You cannot live here continuously harassing the Prophet and religion of Islam. There’s no place for them in this land,” said Qasim, in criticism directed at former Maldivian President and Leader of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Mohamed Nasheed.

Voicing indirect criticism against JP’s coalition partner, MDP, Qasim said that one should not expect planned social media campaigns targeting a specific group not be reciprocated in kind.

“It’s a mistake to expect that when you select two or four people to make tweets and harass a specific group, others will not have the guts to do the same,” said Qasim.

Qasim called out for an end to the campaign, which he described as an attempt to destabilize and corrupt the country.


Qasim said that no one should be allowed to say anything they wish against an innocent party just because they are angry.

He said that defamation and slander of character should not be allowed. He said the religion of Islam preached against defamation and slander and said it was a criminal offence.

The Parliament has recently decriminalized defamation and re-categorize it as a civil offence.

During the function at JP, Qasim warned that people should not expect defamation will not be criminalized again.

“Just because the Parliament repealed the Anti-Defamation Act today, do you expect it will not be reenacted tomorrow? It will be reenacted, when the time comes,” said Qasim.

“Maybe someone is lost in the path of true belief.  That’s not a problem. But don’t harass others. Don’t cause a problem for others. Don’t violate the honour and integrity of another person,” said Qasim.

Repeal of the Act on Anti-Defamation and Freedom of Expression was one of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s electoral pledges. It was the first piece of legislature he ratified during his presidency.

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