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Protest not at an end, claim Majeedhiyya School teachers

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The teachers of Majeedhiyaa School have declared that their protest against the suspension of one the teachers has not ended.

On Sunday, there was a physical clash between an Indian teacher and a local student. Onlooking teachers stated that the incident occurred after the student interrupted the class, entering the room without permission and bothering the other students inside. The teacher had attempted to make the student leave, which resulted in the student trying to attack him. Ultimately, while acting in self-defence, the teacher had allegedly struck the student, and the student had grown more violent. The fight was broken up by the other teachers.

A teacher on the scene added that the student had gone after the teacher with a wooden stick and a pair of scissors, threatening that he would kill the teacher. So far, no action has been taken against the student.

However, the teacher was sent a suspension notice from the education ministry. Subsequently, the local teachers of the school refused to teach on Tuesday, demanding the ministry to listen to their concerns and solve them. The teachers declared that they would not resume teaching until the issues have been resolved.

To address the issue, senior officials from the ministry had visited the school on Tuesday morning. Afterwards, they had stated that the investigation was ongoing and that details would be given as they proceeded. The official had also claimed that the teachers had resumed teaching.

However, Majeedhiyya School’s teachers have spoken out that none of the local teachers resumed teaching and that they had all remained in the staff room for the rest of the day.

According to a teacher, the student in question has previous records of such incidents. He had threatened a teacher with a knife last year, and so far this year he has attacked the school counsellor and a security guard.

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