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Private parties to be granted permit to run rehab centers

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at the inauguration of National Drug Agency Open Day 2019. (Photo/President’s Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says the government will begin issuing permits for private parties interested in running drug rehabilitation centres in the Maldives within this year.

He made the announcement at the inauguration of National Drug Agency Open Day 2019 this Saturday.

President Solih said that protecting the Maldivian community from drugs and rehabilitating the young men and women who are victims of drug addiction was one of his government’s top priorities.

“These aforementioned policies are designed to close the doors for drugs into the Maldives, stop drug trafficking, treat drug addicts, rehabilitate them, train them, and reintegrate them into the community,” said the President.

He said the number of drug addicts who voluntarily enrol in rehabilitation programs was high, and that over 800 drug addicts were currently on the waiting list for rehabilitation services.

Stressing the need for immediate intervention and rehabilitation for drug addicts, President Solih said that it was important that rehab centres aren’t run solely by the government.

‘Opening the opportunity to private parties will help us reach our goal. I take this opportunity to note that private parties will be allowed to establish and run drug rehabilitation centres within this year,” said President Solih.

He also announced that the government planned to establish a separate drug offender remand centre for suspects arrested and remanded for drug trafficking and other drug offences in K. Gulhifalhu. He said the specialized remand centre will offer suspects the necessary basic treatment they require.

A drug offender remand centre, though required under the anti-narcotics act, has yet to be established in the Maldives.

President Solih announced that the government was currently in the middle of revising and redrafting the anti-narcotics act in order to accommodate modern methods of treatment and rehabilitation for drug addicts.

He said the legislative amendments will be submitted to the Parliament this year.

President Solih has appealed to the public to collaborate with the government in its efforts to stamp out drugs from the Maldives, which he said was the only way to quicken the path to the objective.

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