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Private Museum opened in HDh. Kulhudhuffushi

Photo: Kulhuduffushi Online

A private museum was opened in HDh. Kulhudhuffushi this Sunday.

Named “Rahveri Aasaaru”, the museum was opened by a local, Arif Ali in his home in Kulhudhuffushi.

Photo: Kulhuduffushi Online

The museum was officially opened by Mr. Yasir Latheef and Mr. Jamsheed Mohamed, the MPs representing Kulhudhuffushi constituency.

Rahveri Aasaaru features items that are over 117 years old and consists of over 170 historical items that he has collected over the years.

Photo: Kulhuduffushi Online

Items displayed at this museum include containers with the seal of King Shamsuddin, Malaafaiy and dowry used as a form of money.

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