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Police media briefing on investigation into Yameen Rasheed’s death

The following is a loose translation of the transcript of the video:

Special thanks to all the media personnel for attending today’s press briefing.

Members of the Maldives Police Force extend their condolences to the family of Seenu Atoll, Feydhoo Island Chanbeyleege (house name) Yameen Rasheed, who was murdered with a sharp object. Also, we pray that the family be bestowed with the strength to endure in this moment of grief.

The issue was reported to the police on 22 April 2017 at about 2:59 am. When it was reported, the police went to the (crime) scene, viewed the (crime) scene and took Yameen Rasheed’s body (at the time alive) to the hospital.

Up to now, the police has carried out extensive work on this crime (investigation): including obtaining CCTV footage from the area, viewing and analysis of the footage are ongoing even now.

After inspecting the crime scene, the police has obtained physical evidence.

As there is more information to be collected and to question more people to get additional information, we are doing the necessary works related to the investigation continuously.

From the gathered information which leads to further investigations are being handled by the police intelligence and central operations command and crime investigations command.

Furthermore, we would like to request the public to share any information pertaining to this case with the police without any delays.

As of now from this investigation we have identified those who committed the crime through video footage, we can see that scene from the videos.

Enhancing the videos and searching for the people visible in the videos are being carried out by the police as well.

After this press briefing, we will share information we have obtained from the video footage and will display photos of those who we believe committed the crime. We will share those photos with all the medias.

The information we are sharing with the media in this press briefing is so that members of the public can share any related helpful information they may have (upon viewing) with the police without any delay. I take this opportunity to make this request on behalf of the police.

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