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President’s Office requests MVR 10M to PSM from Finance

The President’s Office has sent a letter to Ministry of Finance and Treasury requesting it provide a solution to Public Service Media (PSM)’s complaints about difficulties in receiving money allocated in the budget for the corporation. And be awarded an addition of over MVR 10 million to PSM’s budget.

President’s Office wrote in its letter that PSM has complained to the office of difficulties in receiving budgeted money. And said it also requests an addition of MVR 10,629,745 to PSM’s budget in payment for coverage of the presidential elections.

The office wrote that the budget allocated to PSM for capital investment this year is MVR 20 million – based on which guarantee the corporation did repair work on the TVM Building, did work on the project to house TVM and radio under one roof, and repair work on some equipment and vehicles.

It asked that the Ministry of Finance and Treasury evaluate PSM’s expenditure, evaluate whether the bills can be offset against PSM’s budget, and inform the office of a decision.

The letter was signed by State Minister for Economic Relations at the President’s Office, Mohamed Luveyz, and dated November 4, 2018.

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