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President Yameen Fails to Keep Maldives Police and MNDF in Good Humor

Police and MNDF personnel

We are all aware of Yameen’s deception, corruption, and his brazen failure as a leader. This does not exclude the police and the military who are there to protect and serve the people. Yameen tries so hard to ingrain dirty politics in our security institutions only to build a fortress around him. He may have succeeded to an extent. But he has failed to keep his soldiers in good humour.

The construction of 3 towers Blues Housing Scheme project in HulhuMale’ with 350 flats for Maldives Police Service officers is one of the lengthiest hiatus of a project which is a symbol of Yameen’s failure in delivering his promises to the very people who are keeping him in power. (Maldives Police Service and MNDF)

This project valued at Rf 700 million was first contracted to Noomadi. When the flats were initially handed over to Noomadi, the case was filed in ACC as it had elements of corruption in the transaction. The two partners of the company Chris from Switzerland and Thailand’s Anoon had conflicts regarding finances and project was transferred to Island Expert Pvt Ltd. Chairman of Island Expert is Thai businessman Dai Anon Songpanya. Anon is said to have had strong links with President Yameen’s administration officials and very close to State Minister Luvaiz. Anon is now in conflict with President Yameen’s government. Island Expert owned the contract at the value of Rf 600 million. There are some Maldivians who hold shares in this company. Notably, Khadeeja Umeyla who used to work at the Housing Ministry. A Saudi royal is also said to have some stakes in the company.

The project was due to be completed by 2017. But failed to meet the delivery date due to the vast corruption involved. Police officers who got awarded the flats have already settled their down payment of Rf 70,000 and 85,000 by agreeing to deduct monthly payments from their salaries. Approximately Rf 25–30 million have been paid by officers.

The project is going at a very slow pace and the government now wants HDC to take over the project and mortgage the 3 towers along with another 3 towers being constructed for MNDF to obtain a commercial loan to develop 7000 housing flats under HIYAA project. Police officers who have paid for the flats are not aware of this. They are being told that the project will be completed by September this year. People who are overseeing this project don’t believe they can meet the completion deadline. Because a total of Rf 150 million is needed to complete the project but Yameen’s government is unwilling to pay that amount.

If the project goes under HDC the future occupants of the flats will have to pay extra money for maintenance. It is expected that the monthly payment to settle flat price will also increase when HDC takes over.

Yameen’s government is not making any progress with these projects and the investment needed has not been sought as well. The police officer must take note of the poor management of and lack of priority given to the project.

The project was due to be completed by 2017. It is 2018 and police officers are very frustrated with this failure from Yameen’s end. Opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged to sort out this mess and give his utmost priority to the project and deliver at the earliest.

Yameen has not only disappointed Maldives Police Service with his false promises and flat dreams. He is also doing more damage to their career development. The Indian government-funded Police Academy project in Addu City has been brought to a halt due to diplomatic tensions between Maldives and India. Project value is of USD 18 million. Halting the construction of a 1 km long complex for Police Academy indicates Yameen’s lack of care or interest to develop Maldives Police Service.

It’s not only Maldives Police Service he’s fooling around with. He’s playing the same old game of smoke and mirrors with Maldives National Defense Force too. MNDF officers were promised 300 additional flats from the newly announced Hiyaa Accomplished project. Applications were managed internally at MNDF. But they have dragged it without announcing who was selected. Some 1500 applications are said to have been submitted. Now all of them are being told to apply again to Housing Ministry through the normal process. Everyone knows it is not a transparent process and nobody knows who got the 300 flats.

MNDF and MPS officers should not only be frustrated. They should question the honesty and integrity of Yameen Abdul Qayyoom. On 23rd September 2018, they can bring an end to his deception, lies and fraud. It is a day they can vote corruption out and pursue a better future for themselves and their families. Most of all the people and the nation they took an oath to serve and to protect.

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