President: Opposition unwise to head for elections with my feet untied

The opposition is unwise to head for election without making me answerable to any allegedly corrupt financial transaction or without fastening my feet together, says President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Speaking at a function held at R. Inguraidhoo this Tuesday, Yameen said the opposition should have been smart enough to make him answerable to their allegations ahead of the presidential elections.

“As you know, when you head with me to the polls, the people are going to weigh their choices based on who has done the most for them,” said Yameen.

He said that all his political rivals were hard bent on preventing him from heading to the polls. He said his rivals were well aware they shouldn’t leave it up to the people.

“Like I said, all their efforts have been to create hurdles for me. I wouldn’t have remained in office if the plans they made, more than once, had worked,” said Yameen.

He said the opposition plotted to remove him from office before the end of his term because they were sure no other politicians stood a chance if he completed his term and stood for re-election.

Yameen said the opposition had no substantial manifesto or play other than to play with the emotions of the people.

“When you head to vote on the 23rd, don’t be emotional. Don’t get fooled by what they say,” said Yameen.

He said the opposition was making numerous statements to rile up the people’s emotions, especially allegations of missing State assets during his administration.

He said, “nothing would make me happier” than if the opposition managed to find any alleged missing State asset.

“They previously also made some such allegations. They came to power, but they couldn’t practice it. They will keep on making such allegations. They are making the allegations to rile up the people’s emotions”.

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