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President: Mental Health Coordinators to be appointed in atolls

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih states that Mental Health consultants are going to be appointed in all the atolls of the Maldives.

Speaking in the ceremony held in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) to open the Center for Mental Health, President Solih stated that the government plans to appoint mental healthcare coordinators in every atoll of the country and that he hopes that the clinic will be able to help those with mental illnesses in the difficulties they face.

He also said that the number of patients in the waiting lists are very high and it’s not easy to get the medication they need from the country.

“Mental illness is not just depression. It’s not just someone having disabilities. Even those with mental illnesses will have a better time if they can get the appropriate treatment they deserve. I hope that the clinic that has been opened today will help ease the difficulties that those with mental illnesses face,” said the President.

Speaking more in the ceremony, Solih said that it’s possible for anyone to face mental illnesses. He said that the clinic opened today will be upgraded in the future and the government would give importance to train more specialist doctors and consultants.

“Just opening a clinic for mental healthcare is not going to cure the patients. They will need the love and care from their families and loved ones,” stated President Solih.

Services provided by the clinic include consultation in OPD, getting admitted in the clinic for further care, emergency care, diagnosis of mental illnesses, medication, psychological consultation, rehabilitation, occupational therapy and counselling.

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