President: Every citizen should plant at least one tree

President Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Solih inaugurated RahFehi Campaign, a nationwide tree plantation campaign, at Hulhumale’ Phase II on December 15, 2018. (Photo/President’s Office)

Every Maldivian citizen should plant at least one tree in his or her household, says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaking during the inauguration of a national tree plantation campaign, RahFehi, last Saturday, Solih said that planting trees which one can derive benefits from can lower the cost of living.

“Everyone should plant at least one tree in the house. Especially food-bearing trees and vegetables. This will lower our expenses too,” said Solih.

He said that a sustainable tree plantation campaign was essential to realizing the Jazeera Dream.

“Running this campaign sustainably is essential to realizing the Jazeera Dream. By working on maintaining the greenness of our islands on a perpetual basis,” said Solih.

The President also vowed not to compromise the environment in pursuit of economic development.

He also stressed the need to fully implement and adhere to environmental laws and regulations in order to solve the issue of deforestation and desertification.

He said that the amendments to the regulation on cutting down trees has been drafted and is being evaluated by the Attorney General.

The RahFehi Campaign was inaugurated at the Hulhumale Phase II.

100 palm trees and 150 trees grown and nurtured at the Hulhumale’ Nursery were planted at the Hulhumale Phase II to inaugurate the campaign.

4,000 trees will be planted at streets and vacant land at islands as part of the RahFehi Campaign.

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