President dismisses Police Commissioner

Yameen with Police commissioner Areef


President Abdulla Yameen with axed Police Commissioner Ahmed Areef: he was dismissed after the police announced that it would uphold the Supreme Court’s ruling late on February 1, 2018, to free all political prisoner and reinstate the 12 parliament members who were unseated following an earlier ruling on floor crossing —

Following Supreme Court’s landmark ruling to release all political prisoners and reinstate the 12 parliament members who were unseated after the court’s ruling on floor crossing, President Abdulla Yameen has dismissed the Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef.

Maldives Police Service was the first state institution to back the apex court’s ruling, announcing on Twitter that the police commissioner and the deputy commissioner Ahmed Saudhy had sought legal counsel and decided to uphold the court’s ruling and that the police will begin enforcing it immediately.

Shortly after the turn of events, the government held a press conference around midnight on Friday with Attorney General Mohamed Anil, Minister of Home Affairs Azleen Ahmed, Minister of Defence Ahmed Shareef, and the Chief of Defence Force Major General Ahmed Shiyam.

The police commissioner’s abrupt dismissal was announced at the press conference by the Attorney General, just before concluding the meeting. He stated that the decision was made by President Yameen and that he had tried to contact Areef as soon as the court issued its ruling, but was unable to reach him on the phone, adding that the president was “disheartened” by the axed police commissioner’s decision.

Deputy commissioner Saudhy has since been designated as the acting police commissioner.

At the press conference, Anil had also revealed that the government is carefully reviewing the court order and that the state is verifying its legitimacy. He said that the ruling highlighted many issues related to the executive branch, and maintained that the state will appeal the ruling.

Meanwhile, opposition supporters have gathered near Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s main hub in the capital Male to celebrate the apex court’s verdict and has deemed it to be a clear win for the opposition.

While speaking to local television channel ‘Raajje TV’, Nasheed said that the president interfering in police matters at such a time was unacceptable, and assured the public that the ruling government would see its downfall very soon.

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