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President appeals to public to refrain from junk food, energy drinks

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has appealed to the Maldivian public to refrain from junk food, energy drinks, and other high-sugar foods and drinks.

Solih made the appeal during the inauguration of National Symposium on Dhivehi Beys (Traditional Medicine) and Alternative Medicine at Hotel Jen this Sunday morning.

Inaugurating the symposium, Solih stressed that good medicine wasn’t enough to establish a strong and compassionate healthcare system, but that it also required refraining from unhealthy life choices and adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.

“I appeal to the entire Maldivian population today to become a community which says no to junk food, energy drinks, and food and drinks which contain high sugar content,” said Solih.

“Let go of unhealthy life choices. Adopt an active lifestyle, here and now. And say goodbye to unhealthy food and welcome healthy food.”

The President also appealed to the Maldivian people to take a proactive approach to tackling illnesses.

“True development comes from self-awareness and mental development. This development can only be realized by developing one’s mindset and outlook. And this needs to be realized before a person can achieve mental productivity,” said Solih.

The President’s appeal to adopt a healthy lifestyle comes after his Vice President, Faisal Naseem publicly renounced all energy drinks and other high-sugar drinks just last week.

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