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PPM ‘received funds, now working on paying off debt’

Former President Yameen at a PPM meeting — Photo by Raajjemv

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) stated that it has received the state funds and are now working to pay off its debts.

PPM Vice President Ahmed Shiyam told RaajjeMV that the state had obstructed the party by withholding its MVR 8.4 million released by the Finance Ministry.

He said that PPM had until now been unable to pay off its debt, resulting in them receiving fines and inflating the amount they owe.

The opposition party earlier stated that their debt amounts to MVR 8 million, but did not disclose the total amount with the fines. Shiyam said they plan to disclose the details of the party’s debt.

Highlighting that PPM had also failed to pay its electricity and water bills before, Shiyam said that now that the party has received the state funds, they will first pay off its largest debt and also begin spending on developing the party.

PPM owes MVR 3.8 million to national airline Maldivian for chartering flights to bring former President Abdulla Yameen’s supporters to his rally during the 2018 presidential elections.

While the Civil Court has ordered the party to pay off the amount, Maldivian has stated that it has still not received the money.

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