PPM calls Muaz a liar

Opposition PPM has said that Ibrahim Muaz Ali, the former Spokesperson of the President’s Office, spoke lies to the press tonight.

Muaz met with the press tonight and shared some information regarding the explosion on board the Presidential Launch.

PPM issued a statement tonight calling Muaz an outright liar and condemned his actions. The statement also said that a case has been filed with PPM’s disciplinary commission against Muaz.

While Muaz announced that he had left his position on the PPM Council and announced that he is no longer a PPM member, it is unclear whether he filed a letter to leave the party.

Muaz said that on the day of the launch explosion, the press conference was moved from the airport to the official jetty upon the request of President Yameen. He said that the President did not take his usual seat on the launch that day and even after the explosion, President Yameen remained calm and there was no expression of worry on his face.

The former Spokesperson said that he did not see any flames on the scene that day but was later given a video CD by then Home Minister, Umar Naseer, which showed the flames.

Muaz said that he is offering the information on the launch explosion on his free will, without the influence of anyone else.

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