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Police: We’re advising media outlets who step out of the law

Maldives Police Service has said that they are advising the media outlets who are stepping out of the bounds of the law and appropriate measures will be taken if they do so repeatedly.

Speaking at the police press conference held at Iskandharu Koshi following the Civil Court order on the police to stop the MDP primary election, Police Spokesperson, Superintendent Ahmed Shifan said that they are working to stop the MDP primary election in compliance with the court order. And he noted that the police have found that some media outlets have been misinforming the public in regards with the court order.

Superintendent Shifan said that since the police is the constitutional institute to keep the peace in the country, they have been advising the media outlets not to spread misinformation.

As they implement the Civil Court order, Maldives Police Service has begun putting a stop to the MDP primaries and taking away the ballot boxes.

The Police Spokesperson said that the police will intervene as ordered by the Civil Court and are assured the public support in implementing the law.

Broadcasting Commission and the Home Ministry has ordered the media outlets not to show content which promotes detainees and inmates in prison.


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