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Police threaten action over ‘dirty and low-level’ leak of secret statements

Police Wednesday threatened action against those who leaked statements from the investigation that followed the February 1 Supreme Court ruling ordering the release of President Abdulla Yameen’s opponents.

The secret testimonies leaked on Twitter Tuesday night include statements against former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed, Justice Ali Hameed and former police commissioner Ahmed Areef.

They describe the events that took place within police ranks following the order as well as accounts of bribery and bent judges.

Police spokesman Ahmed Shifan alleged that “influential suspects” were behind the leak and that it was being seriously investigated.

These people were “using their power to influence the ongoing trials” and were trying to bribe judges and police through people who work for them, he said at a hastily arranged news conference.

He said police were aware these acts were intended to cause a loss of public trust in the police and judiciary.

Shifan did not take any questions at the ten-minute briefing, describing the leak as “a dirty and low-level act.”

The statements and an intelligence report include testimonies from a former aide of Gayoom, three senior police officers and two judges.

They claim judges have been influenced and bribed to issue rulings favourable to certain people.  The leak was followed by criticism by some who said the statements proved the police, prosecutor general and courts can be easily influenced.

“Those judges who destroyed the integrity of the judiciary by acting on unlawful orders from Ali Hameed must immediately resign. It’s immoral for them to remain as judges. We will not rest the matter till due action is taken by JSC (Judicial Services Commission) against them,” lawyer Husnu Suood tweeted.

Gayoom, Saeed and Hameed along with six others are currently on a terrorism trial for allegedly planning to overthrow the government.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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