Police summons lawyer of murdered blogger for questioning

Suood speaking to press PHOTO:Hussain Waheed/Mihaaru

The lawyer of brutally murdered blogger Yameen Rasheed’s father and former Attorney General Husnu Al Suood has been summoned and interrogated at the Maldives Police Service.

Speaking at an earlier press conference on behalf of Yameen’s father regarding the denial of several letters sent to Police requesting to expedite their probe into the murder of Yameen Rasheed, Husnu Al Suood had remarked that Police told Yameen’s father that the murder case is nothing to be too concerned about. However, Police have denied the accusation.

While speaking to press after the interrogation, Suood stated that he was interrogated over obstructing the duty of Police officers with his remark during the press conference.

Noting that Police had taken a statement from him, he said that he had made his previous remark as per the request of his client, Yameen Rasheed’s father.

Suood also said that Police had not placed any additional conditions or restrictions upon him such as a travel ban. He added that he would be informed if Police required any other details.

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