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Police shoot down requests to lift travel ban on opposition lawmaker

MP Faaris Maumoon speaking at the Opposition rally held at MDP hub PHOTO:Hussain Waheed/Mihaaru

The travel ban imposed on Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s lawmaker son Faris Maumoon by Maldives Police Service has not been lifted despite several requests.

The lawmaker of Dhiggaru constituency came to know about his travel ban when he went to Velana International Airport on May 14, to fly to India to seek treatment for an aunt who has a serious medical condition. According to Faris, his passport was seized by Immigration after he had checked in for the flight.

The condition of his aunt Faarisha Ibrahim, who is the younger sister of former First lady Nasreena Ibrahim, has worsened in recent days. She is now being treated in Singapore.

Hence, MP Faris has requested Maldives Police Service to grant permission to visit his aunt, submitting three letters to Police Headquarters on May 17, May 22 and May 28. However, Police denied the permission in a reply only to the first letter.

In the letter submitted to Police, Faris requested permission to go to Singapore for a week. However, Police responded that permission cannot be granted as the investigation against him is not yet finished.

Faris had then submitted a letter to the Criminal Court on May 21, requesting permission to leave to Singapore for a week under certain conditions or bail. Responding to the letter addressed to Chief Judge Abdul Baari Yoosuf, the court stated that the matter has to be submitted to Police who issued the travel ban.

Noting that this is a critical situation for him, in his most recent letter Faris requested Police to grant him permission under a travel document, adding that he is ready to bear additional expenses of a police officer to accompany him if the institution would prefer that alternative.

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