Police release photos of Yameen murder suspects

April 25 17:26 2017

The Maldives police have released photos of two men they suspect to be involved in the brutal murder of outspoken blogger Yameen Rasheed, and called for public assistance to apprehend them.

The police, however, did not name or provide additional information about the suspects.

Two of grainy photos were captured from a CCTV camera inside the stairway to Yameen’s building, where his body was found on Sunday with more than a dozen stab wounds, and another from a camera located outside the building.

Vowing to bring the killers to justice, Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdulla Nawaz said: “We have now seen those responsible for this murder, and in order to apprehend them, we, the police want to work with the public, and apprehend the perpetrators and successfully investigate the case.”

He refused to take questions from the press saying the police are unable to share more information as the investigation is in its early stages.

Yameen’s parents have called on the government to include international investigators in the police inquiry into their son’s murder.

In a statement on Monday, they said they strongly believed that the police investigation will only be deemed credible if it includes investigators from reputable international organisations.

Expressing concern over police failure to make arrests as 48 hours passed, they said: “It is crucial that the authorities move fast to apprehend our son’s killers.”

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Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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