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Police refused foreign forensic help in Yameen case

Maldives Police Service refused international forensic help in the murder case of blogger Yameen Rasheed, a nationally renowned professor has claimed.

Hassan Ugail, who is an expert in facial recognition, offered help through his British forensic expert contacts to independently analyse video material related to the crime, but was declined by the state.

“I recall, following the brutal murder of  @yaamyn I offered help for free through some of the British forensic expert contacts I have, to independently analyse the video material related to the crime. The authorities, for whichever reason, weren’t so keen to take up the offer,” tweeted the scientist who works at the University of Bradford.

He made the comment in relation to the state’s recent denial of third party forensic investigation for a bribery case involving embattled lawmaker Faris Maumoon.

Police are facing a backlash over Ugail’s comments, with allegations of a cover-up.

Yameen’s sister Aishath Rasheed, who was fired from the Maldives Police Service for attending a protest rally, alleged they pretended to seek help from Malaysia and asked what they were hiding.

“Why did they police refuse? And then they pretended to sought help from Malaysia. What evidence are u hiding @policemv? Who are u protecting? Why refuse help from UK, USA, Australia?” she tweeted.

“All events that transpired after the brutal murder of @yaamyn point to a cover up. Why wouldn’t they accept foreign expertise for free? Why is the trial held in secret? Why haven’t we been made aware of new developments?” tweeted another user.

Police have already come under fire from Yameen’s family for holding secret hearings into the case.

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Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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