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Police rebut rumours of internal strain over Faris Maumoon arrest


CP Areef (L) and DCP Saudhee. PHOTO/MIHAARU

The police declared Sunday that police commissioner Ahmed Areef is still in full authority of his post and no structural changes have been brought to Maldives Police Service.

This announcement came after rumours started circulating in the media about CP Areef allegedly being isolated from the current case of Dhiggaru MP Faris Maumoon, who was arrested again Saturday under accusations of bribery and conspiring a coup. According to the rumours, Areef had refused to arrest the parliamentarian, and the case has subsequently been handed over to the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) Ahmed Saudhee.

Police spokesperson and superintendent Ahmed Shifan countered the rumours, stating that a special team is always allocated for major cases. He said that Saudhee and assistant commissioner Ahmed Mohamed were chosen to lead Faris Maumoon’s case and that there were no tensions within the police institution regarding this. He added that Areef is in full authority of his post and no changes have been brought to his role within the institution.

It can be noted that CP Areef and Faris are related through marriage as their spouses are siblings. It was alleged that Areef had visited Faris before his arrest on Saturday. Faris had informed the media about meeting Areef, claiming that Areef talked about internal pressures he had been receiving from higher-ups to execute Faris’ arrest. However, the police have denied these allegations, saying that no such meeting took place.

Faris was released after being detained for over six months last Thursday before he was again arrested on additional charges on Saturday.

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