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Police find knife used to attack Maduvvari man

The knife used to attack Ismail Hammaadh (26 yrs) on a boat used for sea cucumber fishing on November 21, 2019, has been found by Police officers.

Hammaadh, who was attacked by a fellow crewman, was reportedly thrown into the sea to die, after being attacked severely with the knife. He later managed to swim to the nearby island of A.A Maalhos for help.

The attack occurred as a result of an argument that arose between Hammaadh and his attacker, named Ismail Asif. Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed revealed that the knife was discovered by Police divers, 15 meters underwater in the area of the attack.

The Commissioner revealed this information when he was questioned by the Parliament’s Committee on National Security & Foreign Relations today. Commissioner Hameed also stated that the crew had shared with Police the details of the attack.

Hammaadh’s statement has also been obtained by Police and his attacker, Asif had confessed to the crime when he was presented to the Criminal Court regarding his detainment, according to CP Hameed.

“Sun” has obtained a video that shows the crew of the boat attempting to steal a dinghy on an island. The men were captured by some locals who handed them over to Police.

“We are also seeing four photos, showing Hammaadh and his accomplices attempting to steal a dinghy. I cannot confirm whether this incident with the dinghy happened. I have also not been able to see whether Hammaadh and his crew were arrested or taken action against.” said the Commissioner.

However, the CP did confirm that Hammaadh has a criminal record and history. Hammaadh was arrested on September 22 for trying to smuggle mobile phones into the Maafushi prison, according to the Commissioner.

Hammaadh received medical attention at the ICU of IGMH following the attack. He has since made progress on his recovery and has now been moved to the general ward of the hospital, said the Commissioner.

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