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Police did not find MVR38 mln in house linked to top court judge

Ali Hameed

Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed. FILE PHOTO/PRESIDENT’S OFFICE

Maldives Police Service earlier revealed that MVR 38 million was found in a house connected to Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed, who was recently charged with terrorism and conspiring to overthrow the government. However, Mihaaru understands that MVR38 million was not found in the house.

Chief Superintendent Ahmed Shifaan said at a press conference held April 15 that a total of MVR 38 million was found in Maldivian Rufiyaa, British Pounds and US Dollars, during the police raid on a house linked to the judge, on February 6.

The bag contained USD215,000 and MVR150,000, amounting to a total of MVR3.4 million. During the press conference, Shifaan had announced the amount as MVR38 million mistakenly.

All media and news outlets had reported the story quoting the amount MVR38 million as stated by the Chief Superintendent.

Police later corrected their error on statements and noted the amount as MVR3.4 million.

Judge Ali Hameed was also charged with accepting bribes and obstructing justice.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed, who was also arrested with Judge Hameed from the premises of the Supreme Court on February 5, has been charged with attempting to orchestrate an act of terrorism, accepting bribes, obstructing justice, as well as obstructing government functions. The police had claimed that Judge Saeed accepted USD 2.4 million in bribes to aid in a coup plot.

The two top justices have since been remanded until the end of their trials.

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