Police Club thrashed the defending champions in the closing two minutes of the semi-final

Police Club is through to the final of 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta, after crushing the defending champions Team Fenaka 5-2.

Was it the red card given to Aishath Sama in the 17th minute of the second half, which descended into chaos for Fenaka?

Whatsoever, this must be the revenge from Police to overthrow the bitter semi-final defeat against Fenaka last year, where they were hammered and shattered into pieces as they faced a humiliating 10-0 defeat. And when the right moment arrived, Police Club forced Fenaka to see how a semi-final defeat is like, and that in the most distressing manner.

Police Club was the better side from the beginning in the semi-final clash. Their foreign player, Sabitra Bhandari gave non-stop threat to the goal of Mariyam Zaina of Fenaka.

On the other hand, Miss Treerachada Boonpload (Naam) and Shahula Thaufeeq (Thuhthuna) of Fenaka also created few chances and came close to notching a goal on few occasions. But they were denied in the end. Shahula was once denied by the goal post too.

However, few minutes after the second half began, Shahula scored the first goal of the match to take the lead in the 4th minute for Team Fenaka.

Police Club pushed forward more often thereafter. As a result, Anita Basnet of Police found the equalizer in the 8th minute, with a decent effort roughly from 11 yards.

Police took the lead in the 13th minute from a goal by Sabitra Bhandari. She was assisted by the astonishing Fadhuwa Zahir, who stood at the heart of Police Club whole through the match.

Fenaka got their equalizer from a free kick by Miss Treerachada, who rifled the ball with massive power through a tight angle. Goalkeeper of Police Aminath Leeza (Lizzy) got her hands on it, but that wasn’t enough to stop Treerachada from scoring.

Then in the 17th minute, Aishath Sama of Fenaka was sent-off as she was shown the second yellow card of the night, for purposely touching the ball with her hand.

With four players on the pitch following the red card, Police Club was awarded a penalty for the sixth foul committed by Fenaka. Sabitra Bhandari made no mistake in converting the penalty for Police Club to restore their lead.

In the next minute, she extended the lead completing her hat-trick of the night with another long-range penalty. She fired the ball into the same corner as the previous one, to demolish the hopes of Fenaka.

Anita further extended the lead for Police in the closing minutes, to seal the win by 5-2.

The final match will be played on the 17th April, where Police will face MPL in the final.


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