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Police begin search for Spokesperson during Nasheed government

Maldives Police Service has started a search for Mohamed Zuhair, the Spokesperson of the government during the presidency of the ex-President Mohamed Nasheed, along with five others after a court order was ruled to bring them to the court in police custody. 

Aside from Zuhair, Police are looking for Ibrahim Azmeel, 39, from Male’ City, Mohamed Latheef, 61, from Seenu Hithadhoo, Moosa Muhthasim, 28, and Mohamed Yasir, 63, from Male City, Seenu Maradhoo

Police said that they are looking for Zuhair after he failed to obey the announcement for him to appear at the Civil Court. The other five are being sought in different cases. 

In 2012, Zuhair and many others were arrested with alcohol at Haa Dhaalu Hondaidho – an island that was being developed as a tourist resort. 

Sources say that Zuhair currently lives in Sri Lanka. 

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