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Police: 401 motorcycles worth MVR 21 million stolen

A total of 401 motorcycles were stolen in the first six months of 2019, police statistics have shown. The motorcycles stolen were worth around MVR 21,796,400 million.
Out of these motorcycles, 264 have so far been found and recovered. Most of the stolen motorcycles were honda wave brand motorcycles. A total of 239 wave brand motorcycles were stolen at this time according to Police.
Other types of commonly stolen motorcycles

26 Airblade motorcycles
23 GN motorcycles
19 Scoopy motorcycles
13 PCX motorcycles
12 Xeon motorcycles

90 per cent of motorcycles with no alarm systems
Police also stated that individual efforts were needed to combat the ever-present acts of theft in the community. A recent survey carried out by the Crime Prevention and Public Affairs Department showed that 38 per cent of motorcycles were taken on instalment schemes and that 90 per cent of these motorcycles had no alarm systems installed to deter thefts.
Pay attention to shutter lock
The survey also showed that people did not usually pay attention to where the motorcycles were parked and whether it was parked in a safe location. The survey also showed that 35 per cent of people did not shutter lock the motorcycles and advised people to pay more attention to such safety measures to prevent thefts.
Steps to deter thefts of motorcycles

Ensuring that the motorcycle is not parked in a secluded unsafe location
Locking the steering system as well as shutter locking
Checking whether the key was removed after parking
Installing an alarm system on the motorcycle
Special attention to park in view of a CCTV camera
Full coverage insurance of the motorcycle

Police also asked citizens to report any suspicious behaviour without delay.

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