Planning: No construction site with enough violations to warrant a halt

The joint inspections by government authorities of construction sites in Male’ City has not uncovered any site with enough violations to warrant a halt, says Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure.

The joint inspections of construction sites are being conducted by Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure, Male’ City Council, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Maldives Police Service and Maldives National Defense Force.

During a press conference this Tuesday, Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure announced that 161 construction sites have been inspected so far and that authorities have not observed enough violations to warrant a halt work on any site.

Male’ City Mayor, Shifa Mohamed said 23 teams, made up of civil engineers, architects and other professionals, are involved in the inspections.

State Minister for National Planning and Infrastructure, Mohamed Ali said the teams are issuing warnings and instructing remedies for the violation it observes as it does the inspection work.

“But we have yet to come across a site we need to order a halt to,” said Mohamed Ali.

He said the purpose of the inspections launched last Monday wasn’t to find scapegoats but ensure public safety.

“We have come across certain irregular practices,” said Mohamed Ali.

The inspections were launched following a construction accident in Male’ City last Sunday, which resulted in the death of an eight-year-old girl.

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