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Photos: Inside the luxury Maldives resort where only the HIGH and MIGHTY can be entertained

Imagine a resort where you sit in a private villa with your own pool, and steps leading down to turquoise waters where you can snorkel with the likes of dolphins and turtles.

Oh, and you have your very own butler and chef on hand to cater to your every need.

Well, that’s exactly what’s on offer for guests at the Kudadoo Maldives Private Island, an utterly luxurious resort that’s immediately going on our ‘if we win the lottery’ lists.

For a start, you need a pretty big budget, with prices for a stay at one of its residences starting from £2,900 a night. Alternatively, you can hire the entire resort for £38,000 a night.

The resort sleeps up to 34 people – so if you fill the property and split the costs, it’s approximately £1117pp a night.

So what exactly do you get for that kind of price tag?

Well for a start, there are 15 overwater villas which sleep, two people. Guests in each villa will have a dedicated butler, a super king-size bed, and a private swimming pool.

You can also dive straight into those breathtaking turquoise waters the Maldives is famous for. The area boasts impressive wildlife including dolphins and turtles, so a snorkel would definitely be on the cards!

Feeling peckish? Guests have access to personal chefs to whip whatever meal they fancy. There are no set dining times – you can request meals at any time.

If you head to the restaurant there isn’t a menu; again, the chefs there will whip up whatever it is you’re in the mood to eat. Alternatively, you can opt to eat in your villa, on the beach, or outside under the stars.

Of course lounging by the pool, taking a dip in the sea and eating your favourite meals can take its toll – but luckily the resort has a luxurious spa offering up heaps of treatments, as well as a steam room, nail bar, sauna and even a gym where you have access to a personal trainer, yoga instructor and meditation guru.

Don’t fancy making the trip to the spa? You can enjoy spa treatments anywhere on the island, whether you want a massage in your room or on the beach.

As well as the private villas, guests can make use of the resort’s freshwater infinity pool and heaps of sandy beaches. There are plenty of complimentary activities on offer too, from paddle-boarding to kayaking and scuba diving.

According to the resort’s General Manager, Bradley Calder, the island “is designed to be every luxury traveller’s personal dream”. The resort operates on a mantra of ‘Anything, Anytime, Anywhere’, so that guests can have the ultimate dream getaway.

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