PGA condemns detention of opposition MP Mahloof


Galolhu South MP Ahmed Mahloof. PHOTO:/MIHAARU

Parliamentarians for Global Action condemned the detention of Galolhu South MP Ahmed Mahloof, who was arrested under the state of emergency.

Mahloof was arrested during one of the opposition protests on February 22 against the government. His remand was extended on March 17 by 13 days initially, before his remand was further extended by seven days this Friday by Criminal Court.

PGA’s statement said that “the global PGA membership of over 1300 Parliamentarians from 142 Parliaments in all regions of the world condemns the persistent and repeated violations of the fundamental human rights of Parliamentarians that are being committed by the authorities of The Maldives and, in particular, the continued detention of PGA Member, Hon. Ahmed Mahloof, MP, on the basis of frivolous and politically-motivated criminal charges.”

They also noted that the current detention of Mahloof without a proper hearing is a violation of procedural rights under domestic and international laws.

PGA had previously expressed concerns about the politically motivated suppression of constitutional rights in the country.

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