PGA again voices concern over escalating situation in Maldives

Opposition lawmakers pictured en route to the parliament. PHOTO/MIHAARU

Opposition lawmakers pictured en route to the parliament. PHOTO/MIHAARU

Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) expressed concerns over the escalating political situation of the Maldives and reiterated its previous call for authorities to “respect the rights of every individual including parliamentarians, in accordance with national, as well as international, legal and democratic norms and obligations.”

In its statement, PGA acknowledged the motion of no confidence that was filed by the joint opposition and ten defecting members of the ruling party against Parliament Speaker Abdulla Maseeh. PGA noted that the motion was thrown out after a Supreme Court ruling on anti-defection that resulted in four former ruling party MPs, who had signed the resolution, being ousted from their parliament seats.

Following the lawmakers’ third attempt to impeach the speaker, several opposition MPs have come under investigation for various accusations with a number of them currently undergoing criminal trials at court.

With regards to the circumstances, PGA said, “Judicial decisions have become arbitrary, using various legal tools to curtail the opposition’s freedom of speech, in particular when criticizing the judiciary’s lack of independence from the government’s policies.”

PGA also raised concerns over six lawmakers having been disqualified from parliament following the top court’s anti-defection ruling, while 12 MPs could be charged by the Prosecutor General’s Office with criminally entering parliament premises despite being barred entry by military and police officers on July 24.

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