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PG office shows lack of faith in courts

The Prosecutor General’s Office made the decision last week not to appeal the decision by the court to overturn the charges against former Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed, former Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed, leader of Jumhoory Party (JP) Qasim Ibrahim, and his son – Managing Director of Villa Siyaad Qasim for bribery. Despite evidence.

The PG office stated in its press release that it made the decision not to pursue their prosecution despite the evidence.

The office said it does not believe an appeal at a superior court could produce any different ruling.

“We have made the decision not to appeal the ruling issued by Criminal Court in this matter as we do not believe an appeal with a superior court will produce any different outcome,” wrote the PG office in its press release.

Prosecutors working at the Prosecutor General’s Office attend a hearing at Supreme Court. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

The decision by the PG office begets the question of whether the office has lost its faith in the court system.

A credible source who worked as a senior prosecutor at the PG office reported to ‘Sun’ that the PG office previously had a policy when making decisions not to pursue appeals. He said the PG office may make the decision not to pursue an appeal if the case involves any procedural irregularities. But that the PG office has never before made a decision not to pursue an appeal if the office has sufficient evidence.

“It has never before passed on an appeal if it has sufficient evidence, And never after citing such a reason,” said the former prosecutor.

He said a possible lack of faith by the PG office in the courts posed major problems. He noted that if the PG office passes on appeals in future cases over the same belief it would not produce any different outcome, it could infringe on the rights of victims.

Attorney-at-law, Mahfooz Saeed described the PG office’s decision as “contempt of court.”

Attorneys hold a demonstration outside the Supreme Court. (File Photo) 

“This is contempt of court. Condemning the court. Questioning justice,” said Mahfooz.

Mahfooz noted that it was the PG office’s prerogative to decide whether or not it will pursue appeals. He said the prosecution has no condemning evidence in the cases in question. And that the PG office had the authority to choose not to appeal.

Former Maldivian Attorney General, attorney-at-law Husnu Al Suood said the press release by PG office shows a lack of faith in the courts and the Maldivian judiciary.

“The PG Office is saying it does not trust the courts. Now consider how the people feel in this matter,” said Husnu Al Suood.

Attorneys all concede a lack of faith in the judiciary by the PG office and the community could beget major problems. The PG office needs to explain its lack of faith in the courts.

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