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People arrested in raids were conspiring to detonate bombs in Male

Police arrest a man accused of conspiring to detonate bombs in Male.

It has surfaced that the people Police arrested Monday night had been conspiring and preparing to set off bombs in capital Male.

Special Operations (SO) teams of Maldives Police Service had raided four places in Machangolhi ward of Male under a search warrant, which accused the suspects of terrorism and endangering national security. They inspected the houses Kinara, Walnut and Namoonaage, and the office of Attic International Pvt Ltd located in Enboo house.

Police also seized several items, including chemicals and others used to make improvised explosive devices, from the raided locations. It appears that the people who were arrested were taken under custody before the devices were prepared.

However, it remains unclear where the perpetrators had intended to set off the bombs.

Police SO officers during raids on three places in Machangolhi ward in Male. PHOTO/MIHAARU

Police SO officers during raids on three places in Machangolhi ward in Male. PHOTO/MIHAARU

Walnut house in Machangolhi is the home of the culprit behind the bomb blast in Sultan Park in September 2007 which had injured 12 tourists. He had been arrested in Sri Lanka where he had entered with a forged passport after he first fled to Pakistan. Mihaaru understands that Police had arrested him at a café in the local market before inspecting his house in his presence.

Some of the detainees are supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) and involved in sending Maldivians abroad to fight in civil wars. One of the suspects had been previously arrested for attempting to flee with his wife to fight in the Syrian war. He has also been suspended from Twitter for posting content that supports terrorism.

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