Parliament seats to be increased for Machangolhi and Henveyru

Two new seats will be added ahead of the upcoming parliamentary election – most likely for the Machangolhi district and Henveyru district, says Elections Commission.

Speaking in an interview to SanguTV last Saturday night, member and spokesperson of EC, Ahmed Akram said it was likely two new seats will be added to the parliament for the parliamentary election in 2019.

“It’s likely it will be added for Machangolhi and Henveyru,” said Akram.

Akram said the EC had the legal prerogative to decide between adding one or two seats or adding none at all.

He said the EC has the power to determine constituencies ahead of the parliamentary elections, and that it will seek input from political parties and constituents before making its decision.

He said there will also be some changes to the division of constituencies – specifically in Fuvahmulah City and Addu City. He said the commission will reach out to the councils of the two cities for input in the coming days.

“There will also be a few changes to the names of constituencies. We have noted some constituencies. The commission always prioritizes linking the name of the constituencies to the island in the constituency that is most populous,” said Akram.

He said the commission will announce the changes to the constituencies; including additions and changes to names in November.

Full details are available at the link below:

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