Parliament resumes under high security, opposition MPs protest

Security forces surround the speaker's seat while opposition lawmakers protest inside the parliament chambers.

Security forces surround the speaker’s seat while opposition lawmakers protest inside the parliament chambers.

The parliament sitting scheduled for early Tuesday commenced under high security inside the chambers amidst the protests of opposition lawmakers.

Since the parliament administration recently quashed the opposition’s motion of no confidence against Speaker Abdulla Maseeh, the opposition MPs have been declaring that they would not allow any sittings chaired by Speaker Abdulla Maseeh. The lawmakers had filed the impeachment motion with 45 signatures, including 10 from defecting lawmakers from ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM). However, following a rushed Supreme Court ruling on anti-defection which resulted in four of the PPM lawmakers being unseated, the parliament administration had declared the no confidence motion invalid as the number of signatures had dropped below the required minimum of 42.

Opposition lawmakers have refused to recognize the decision and insisted that other agendas cannot be scheduled for parliament sessions before the lawmakers debate and vote on the no confidence motion against the speaker.

Tuesday morning’s session began with Speaker Maseeh escorted inside the chambers under high security, with several security officers surrounding the speaker’s seat. He finished the session swiftly amidst opposition protests and left the chambers for his office.

The agenda scheduled for Tuesday’s sitting is forwarding President Abdulla Yameen’s proposals to appoint Mohamed Hussain Shareef as the new Ambassador of the Maldives to Sri Lanka, and to appoint Ahmed Naseer as the new governor of Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), to the parliamentary permanent committee for review. Parliament regulations do not call for a vote to forward such issues to the committee.

After the session was officially concluded, the spokesperson of the joint opposition Galolhu-South MP Ahmed Mahloof was seen arguing with Deputy Speaker Moosa Manik, demanding that a vote be held on the motion of no confidence against Maseeh. Moosa Manik responded that the matter in question is already over and done with.

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