Parliament deputy speaker “will not be cowed” over no confidence vote

Parliament deputy speaker and Hulhuhenveiru MP Moosa Manik pictured during parliament sitting. PHOTO/MAJLIS

The deputy speaker of the parliament, Hulhuhenveiru MP Moosa Manik, on Wednesday declared that the opposition seeking a motion of no confidence against him is merely an attempt to intimidate him into submission, but asserted that he will not be cowed.

Hitting back at opposition lawmakers who are seeking his removal, MP Manik said in a tweet in local Dhivehi language that people who believe anything can be achieved through threats and coercion are “foolish”.

Responding to Mihaaru’s inquiry regarding his tweet, MP Manik stated that the mandate of the deputy speaker is to uphold the Constitution and parliament regulations. He added that he always maintains equality and justice when chairing parliament sittings.

Opposition lawmakers’ decision to seek a motion of no confidence against MP Manik comes in the wake of a petition submitted to the parliament seeking a no confidence vote against the speaker Abdulla Maseeh. The parliament administration has scheduled to hold the debate on the speaker’s motion of no confidence on March 27, which MP Manik is to chair.

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