Parliament deputy speaker slams opposition over one-person monopoly

Moosa Manik speaking at MDP podium PHOTO:Mauroof Haleel


Moosa Manik speaking at MDP podium PHOTO:Mauroof Haleel

Deputy Speaker of Parliament and former chairperson of main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Moosa Manik slammed the party on the occasion of its 12th anniversary, saying that the party has changed its course to conform only with the opinion of a single person.

In a series of tweets he posted on the occasion, MP Moosa stated that after devastating several people who fought for freedom under fear, obstructions and distress, MDP after 12 years still remains under the control of the same person.

Though he refrained from stating names, it is believed that his tweets were in reference to convicted Former President Mohamed Nasheed, as he had previously accused Nasheed of “hijacking” the party.

He proclaimed that talking about democratic values is pointless if a political party is in line with only one individual.

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