Parliament committee amends speaker vote regulation to opposition uproar

Kelaa MP Ali Arif (R), chair of the parliamentary General Purpose Committee, speaks at press conference. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU

The General Purpose Committee of the parliament on Sunday passed an amendment to parliament regulations that a motion of no confidence may only be submitted against the speaker and deputy speaker with a minimum of 42 signatures.

The amendment comes amidst the motions of no confidence submitted against Speaker Abdulla Maseeh and Deputy Speaker Moosa Manik by the opposition coalition.

The current parliament regulations mandate only a minimum of 15 signatures from lawmakers to submit a no confidence motion against the speaker and deputy speaker.

The general committee’s chair, Kelaa MP Ali Arif of ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), declared that should the amendment be passed on the parliament floor, it would automatically throw out the motions of no confidence currently submitted to the parliament against the speaker and deputy speaker by opposition lawmakers.

“Because the committee is bringing this amendment to regulations such that it applies to current submissions as well,” he explained.

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