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Paradise is not so great when you’re the only guests and can’t get home

After the news that SA would be on lockdown from March 27, De Freitas said they tried to find flights to leave before the lockdown came into effect.

“At the time there was just no flight that would be able to get back to SA before 12 o’clock before the lockdown started,” she said.

On Sunday, April 5, they received a message to move to another resort where another 20 South Africans were told to congregate as plans were made to fly them back to SA.

“Currently a private charter is being arranged for all the South Africans that are stranded here. There are quite a few that are stranded. So, with the help of the SA consulate [in the Maldives] and the embassy [in Sri Lanka] … we are hopefully going to be home this week … hopefully,” said De Freitas.

De Freitas said their honeymoon had been incredible and was obviously longer than they expected.

She said though they had to pay extra due to the forced extended stay, everyone in the Maldives had been good, kind and had offered much lower rates to make it affordable.

There also seems to be hope for South Africans who found themselves stranded in Egypt.

The group, numbering around 42, got a message from the SA embassy in Egypt on Wednesday evening.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Google News

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