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Over 30 individuals arrested from protests still in custody, opposition claims

Riot police arresting protestor

Riot police officers taking an opposition activist away from the crowds gathered at different parts of capital Male’s main road Majeedhee Magu on March 2, 2018. MIHAARU PHOTO / HUSSEN WAHEED

The opposition parties have said that out of the 100 individuals arrested under the state of emergency declared by President Yameen, 31 individuals are still in custody.

In a joint press statement released by the opposition, the parties accused the police of brutality during the crackdown on protests that broke out four weeks ago calling to comply with the Supreme Court ruling of February 1, which had ordered to release nine prominent political leaders and reinstated the 12 parliamentarians who were unseated.

The statement also said that protests would continue until the government adheres to the Supreme Court order of February 1, and the “illegitimate” state of emergency is lifted.

The statement also called to free jailed Chief of Justice Abdullah Saeed, Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed and the detained police and military personnel. It also called on to ensure the rights ensured to citizens by the Constitution.

Meanwhile the former speaker of the parliament, Henveiru-North MP Abdulla Shahid and Dhidhoo MP Abdul Latheef was released after they were detained during a protest held Friday. All others arrested during Fridays’ protest had also been released, except the former Police Commissioner and Kimbidhoo MP Abdullah Riyaz, who is still in custody after he was arrested during the protests this weekend.

Speaking at a press conference held at opposition Jumhoory Party’s main hub in the capital, the party’s Secretary General Ahmed Sameer stated that the citizens are ready to make any sacrifice to overcome the unjust situation in the country. Referring to political detainees kept in Dhoonidhoo Detention Center he had said that, “the occupancy of ‘Dhoonidhoo Resort’ is currently very high.”

He also added that legal representation for individuals arrested during the protestswere being arranged, while also facilitating communication between the individuals in custody with their families.

Sameer had directed heavy criticism towards the Minister of Housing Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, noting that thousands of letters had been sent to the housing ministry requesting for the carnival grounds to hold opposition rallies, which had gone unanswered so far.

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