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Opposition to 3 parliamentary committees over Ahmed Anas murder

Ahmed Anas, 25, of Raa atoll Meedhoo island

Ahmed Anas, 25, of Raa atoll Meedhoo island

Main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Jumhoory Party (JP) parliamentarians have filed the recent murder case of Ahmed Anas to three parliamentary committees.

Ahmed Anas, 25, of Raa atoll Meedhoo island was found with multiple stab wounds in capital Male’ late last month. He was the second person to be killed in less than a week amidst an upsurge of gang violence in the capital then.

The police have since arrested 12 suspects in relation to the gruesome murder.

Anas’s murder case was submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Parliamentary Committee on Security Services and the Parliamentary Committee on Oversight of the Government.

There were eight parliamentarians who were primarily involved in submitting the murder case to the parliament. They are; North-Machangoalhi MP Mariya Didi, Hithadhoo MP Ibrahim Didi, North-Galolhu MP Eva Abdullah, Gan MP Fayyaaz Ismail, Addu-Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam, Maafannu-West MP Mohamed Falah, Keyodhoo MP Moosa Nizar and Thoddoo MP Ibrahim Hasan.

The parliamentarians are seeking to summon the heads of the institutions that are overseeing the investigation of the murder to the relevant parliamentary committees.

Following Anas’s murder, there were protests in his native island Meedhoo, demanding justice and urging the police to bring the perpetrators behind bars immediately.

Anas was a captain of a speedboat that operates in the island, and reportedly, he was in Male’ preparing for his wedding.

Earlier in the same week Anas was killed, a man named Nadeem Abdul Raheem, 24, was killed by a group of people inside a café in Male’. He was also stabbed repeatedly.

Police have since launched a major manhunt for 34 suspects in connection with the string of gang violence incidents in Male. They announced the arrest of six people on the list on Sunday while more suspects, which included minors, were taken into custody Monday night. Police did not disclose any further details.

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