Opposition ready to rise to new regulation on parliament speaker vote

Opposition leaders speaking to press after Parliament sitting on last Monday PHOTO:Nishan Ali/Mihaaru

Angered opposition lawmakers declared that their next motion of no confidence against parliamentary speaker Abdulla Maseeh and deputy speaker Moosa Manik will be resubmitted with the signature of 42 lawmakers as per the new regulation amendment that was passed on Monday.

The amendment to parliament regulations, effective immediately, states that no less than 42 signatures are required to submit a motion of no confidence against the speaker and deputy speaker. This amendment was passed amidst the motions of no confidence currently submitted against Speaker Abdulla Maseeh and Deputy Speaker Moosa Manik by lawmakers of the opposition coalition. While the third no confidence motion was submitted against the speaker on Sunday, the debate on the no confidence motion against the deputy speaker was scheduled to be held this Tuesday.

With this amendment, the two motions have been automatically thrown out of the parliament. The regulations prior to this amendment mandated only a minimum of 15 signatures from lawmakers to submit a no confidence motion against the speaker and deputy speaker.

The sudden amendment, which was abruptly passed by the government controlled parliamentary General Purpose Committee, was passed on the parliament floor Monday with 46 lawmakers voting in favour. None of the opposition lawmakers took part in the vote.

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