Opposition looks to halt state via parliament: ruling party

PG Group Leader of PPM Ahmed Nihan speaking at the rally PHOTO:Hussain Waheed/Mihaaru

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)’s Parliamentary Group leader Ahmed Nihan declared that the citizens need to be cautious as opposition parties are trying to halt the state through the parliament.

Speaking at the rally held by the ruling coalition, the lawmaker of Villimale constituency Nihan said that the opposition is attempting to disrupt the Cabinet Ministers by reducing their numbers as the Maldivian Constitution does not specify a certain amount of ministers that should be present on the Cabinet.

While Nihan made the remark, the Attorney General has already submitted an ex parte motion to the Supreme Court over the matter. The motion requests the court to provide a verdict stating that an impeachment of a Cabinet Minister shall only be taken after giving a reasonable cause for it.

According to Subject 101 of the current Constitution, a Cabinet Minister can be removed from position after 10 lawmakers propose their no confidence and is passed with the majority of votes in parliament.

Noting that the ruling coalition has succeeded in failing the no-confidence motion sought against Speaker Maseeh by the opposition, Nihan stressed that the ruling 51-member majority coalition will fail any such impeachment votes in future as well.

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