Opposition Coalition meets with the Elections Commission

Opposition Coalition has met with the high ranking officials of the Elections Commission.

The meeting was focused on sharing the opposition concerns regarding the upcoming Presidential Election next month.

The oppositions raised concern the stated that the re-registration forms are going outside the Elections Commission.

Speaking on behalf of the Maumoon Reform Movement (MRM), Aminath Nadhira, said that they also shared the concern since a decision has yet to be made whether the election day is going to be a public holiday or not.

She said that if the election day is not a public holiday, many would lose the chance to exercise their right to vote.

Talking on behalf of the Jumhoory Party, legal attorney, Mohamed Fareedh, said that the Elections Commission has assured that the Maldives Police Service is investigating the re-registration forms that are going out of the Commission.

Fareedh said that confirming re-registrations is a responsibility of the public and advised the public to confirm their re-registrations.

The MRM also raised the concerns about the re-registration forms collected from the detained, inmates and those under house arrests by the Correctional Service has not yet been submitted at the Elections Commission along with difficulties in voting for resort employees.

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