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Opposition calls international community to take action


Lawmakers pictured leaving the Supreme Court.

Opposition parliament members have called on international organisations and countries to take action against the Maldivian government.

In a gathering held at opposition Jumhoory Party’s (JP) main hub, the members voiced their concerns as the government has still not complied with the Supreme Court’s verdict. The members urged other countries and international organisations to place economic, diplomatic and legal sanctions on the Maldives.

The opposition resolution stated that President Yameen is ruling unlawfully and disobeying the Constitution. It called on counties such as India, Sri Lanka, USA and the UK, in addition to urging United Nations to take action.

The opposition believes that immediate action is imperative to maintain democratic principles and uphold the Constitution of Maldives

The resolution was signed by 37 members. Some opposition coalition members including JP leader and Maamigilli MP Qasim Ibrahim who is abroad, and Dhiggaru MP Faris Maumooon, Machangolhi South MP Ibrahim Sinan and Dhangethi MP Ilham Ahmed, who are detained were not able to sign this.

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