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Ooredoo’s digital inclusion benefits millions in Myanmar and Maldives


Barcelona, Spain. Ooredoo is bringing the immense benefits of digital technology to millions of previously unconnected people in Myanmar and Maldives through its cutting-edge Supernet, innovative apps and partnerships with public and private organisations, in line with the GSMA’s commitment to deliver digital inclusion for all.

In Myanmar, a country of more than 53 million people, Ooredoo is revolutionising 800,000 customers’ worlds through its My Ooredoo app.

The one-stop mobile app offers everything from live streaming platforms to account information, purchase packs, value-added services, rewards programmes and world-class content.

As 65 per cent of Myanmar’s population is rural, Ooredoo Myanmar has launched the ‘rural IVR’ service, specially designed to provide farmers and the rural population with a digital solution that can help them on a daily basis.

With this service, farmers can call a number (456) for free to get all the information that is relevant to their work, like the weather forecast, daily crop prices and others. To keep them engaged and entertained, the farmers can listen to music and daily astrology news as an add-on via IVR. The service is currently seeing a huge pick up with more than 1.4 million customers already using it.

Ooredoo is creating a sustainable partner model with women entrepreneurs and rural digital experts to help spread the benefits of digital inclusion throughout Myanmar. Ooredoo has rolled out 450 rural kiosks in remote villages nationwide, opening up a world of digital experiences while also boosting employment and entrepreneurship at the local level.

Ooredoo Maldives is spreading digital inclusion and the Digital Economy in a country with a population of 436,000 people spread across almost 200 tropical islands. Ooredoo Maldives has launched Evee (‘Snap of a Finger’ in Maldivian), Ooredoo’s digital care assistant, which uses AI and deep learning to personalise the multiple digital channels that customers use.

Evee also provides ease of access to Ooredoo’s customer service through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more.

Evee answers query based on its training and keep learning, building its intelligence as it responds to customers’ calls.

Ooredoo Maldives is also using digital technology to benefit business and e-commerce. Ooredoo launched Moolee ‘Make a connection and strong growth’ in Maldivian, an innovative e-commerce market, which integrates into Ooredoo’s mobile app with loyalty programmes, paying for goods and services, and ordering deliveries.

Ooredoo Group Chief Executive Officer Sheikh Saud bin Nasser al Thani said, “Ooredoo Group is committed to spreading the benefits of mobile technology through a holistic approach to digital inclusion, which helps to enrich people’s lives and boost local economies to create jobs and to drive the digital economy.

“In Myanmar and the Maldives, we are bringing the latest technology together with intelligent partnerships and innovative applications to improve the lives of millions of people.”

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